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Indulge in a level of luxury performance that only comes from the world leader in ultra-lightweight golf equipment. Designed singularly for your moderate swing speed, all-new xxio prime delivers a distance and accuracy experience far beyond the capabilities of ordinary golf clubs. Prime is easy distance and easy accuracy for your moderate swing speed. We’ve achieved this performance with specialized technologies that cater solely to your swing characteristics along with astounding craftsmanship and attention to detail.

New xxio prime doesn’t just straighten your shot shape, it actually encourages a draw-biased trajectory. But it’s automatic, so you don’t need to change your swing to experience the benefits.

Бренд XXIO
Тип Клюшка для гольфа

Super-tix plus forged titanium cup face

Forged from Super-TIX ® PLUS Titanium—a lightweight yet highstrength alloy—the new Cup Face greatly increases distance performance thanks to a hotter sweet spot that’s 103% larger than the previous model’s.

Unprecedented lightweight construction

The SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA ® T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, weighs a mere 36g. That, along with weight savings in the grip and club head, produces a driver that’s remarkably fast and remarkably easy to swing.

Groundbreaking forgiveness features

With an expanded toe and narrowed heel, a 6.5g weight that’s low and deep, a lighter hosel repositioned closer to the center of the face, and finally, reduced stiffness at the tip of the shaft, this is our most forgiving Prime Driver. Ever.

The walls of our new shaft are 2% thinner than the previous model’s. High-strength, high-elasticity carbon called torayca t1100g, plus resin with nanoalloy technology, together produce a shaft that’s both thinner and stronger.

A new forged cup face made from super-tix plus titanium ® is lighter, thinner, and stronger for maximum cor across the entire face

New xxio prime features a 103% larger sweet spot compared to the previous model.

A thinner face flexes more at impact, resulting in more speed and distance.

A large weight port deepens and lowers the center of gravity.

A 6.5 grams weight low and deep optimizes cg for a high launch.

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