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Клюшка для гольфа драйвер

Бренд XXIO
Тип Клюшка для гольфа

Swing Light

With Clubs Designed Exclusively for Moderate Swing Speeds

These clubs aren’t just light as air—they harness it. With enhanced aerodynamics on new XXIO 12 Woods, airflow bends to your will as you swing, guiding you on to effortless speed and purer strikes. It’s only possible with XXIO. Experience the Difference.

XXIO 12 Tech: ActivWing


Harnessing Airflow for Better Contact

By manipulating airflow—like the wings of an airplane—ActivWing improves aerodynamics at the start of your downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten your impact pattern. The subtle forces generated by the airfoil shape won’t slow you down, but they’re just strong enough to correct face angle and improve contact. Which, in turn, reduces slice and puts more shots directly on the sweet spot.

XXIO 12 Tech: Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame

Improving Distance with More Face Flex

Rebound Frame technology imparts more speed and distance into your long shots. Inside XXIO 12 Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR when activated at impact. Like a spring within a spring, concentric flex zones transfer energy to the golf ball far more efficiently than standard designs.

XXIO 12 Family

Experience the Difference

XXIO 12 sits at the conflux of ease and power. Unlike any other equipment, these Woods and Irons optimize your moderate swing speed, so you can enjoy easier distance, easier accuracy, and easier golf.1

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