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Abacus Pitch 37.5 raintrousers Lds

Брюки дождевые женские


Waterproofness WP 20000mm/Breathable MVP 50000g/sqm/24h
100% polyester

Pitch 37.5 waterproof trousers is made of an extremely lightweight material with a very high breathability. The fabric is made with 37.5 technology that always aims at keeping your body temperature at 37.5 which is your optimal comfort zone where you perform best. The 4-way stretch makes it even more flexible. The lower leg has zippers so you can easily get into them if weather changes rapidly. Front button and zipper together with velcro at waist allows you to adjust to perfect fit. Reflective prints makes a technical, sporty design.

Бренд Abacus

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