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Super Stroke Legacy CounterCore Grip

Ручка для паттера

Бренд Super Stroke

The Super Stroke Legacy Normal Slim 2,0 and Mid Slim 3.0 features a Patented No-Taper grip design to promote even grip pressure and the additional weight helps to engage larger muscles that produce a more stable, consistent and reliable stroke. With adjustable weight CounterCore Technology, the weight counter core allows you to custom adjust your putter like the Pro's do, customized to fit your stroke.



  • Threaded cap design to accept CounterCore weight
  • 50 gram CounterCore weight insert and wrench included with each grip
  • 1.30" diameter weighing 71 grams
  • Parallel Technology for a more consistent stroke
  • Cross Traction Technology for increased tackiness
  • Hi-Tech multi-material PU construction for enhanced feel
  • Available in 6 color options

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