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Клюшка для гольфа Вейдж

Бренд PING

Клюшка вейдж

Угол: 54', 56', 60'

Баунс: SS

New, sharper grooves are closer together for increased friction, imparting more spin (up to 400 rpm in testing) for precise distance and trajectory control from full swings and finesse shots. The enhanced sole grinds and lead edges in the 431SS heads have been carefully crafted for exceptional surface interaction and versatility, gliding through the turf and sand to enable creative shot making.

  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Grooves Illustration

    Milled Faces And Grooves

    These specialized grooves increase the spin rate for more control and precision on full and partial shots and offer exceptional spin consistency from both dry and wet conditions.
  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Sole Grinds Illustrations

    Fitting By Sole Grind

    To ensure your wedges match your game, you can be fit for a sole grind based on your attack angle, divot depth, and typical turf conditions: SS Grind, WS Grind, TS Grind, or ES Grind.
  • Glide 2.0 SS Grind Illustration

    SS Grind

    An all-purpose mid-bounce sole with heel and trail edge relief to create versatility on touch shots around the green. Ideal for moderate attack angles and divots. Fits most golfers.
  • Glide 2.0 WS Grind Illustration

    WS Grind

    Full-sole design that provides turf security for players with a steep angle of attack. The reduced camber and added width prevent the sole from skipping into the ball.
  • Glide 2.0 TS Grind Illustration

    TS Grind

    The TS grind facilitates shot making and precision. Heel relief allows shots to be executed with an open face  without fear of the lead edge sitting too high.
  • Glide 2.0 ES Grind Illustration

    ES Grind

    Eye 2-inspired sole provides the ultimate in bunker performance from the classic dish profile along with the tapered hosel. A refined lead edge upgrades all-around performance.
  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Grip

    Dyla-wedge Grip

    By gripping down on this ¾-inch-longer grip, you can be a more versatile shot maker and achieve trajectory control on every shot. Reduced taper further enhances shot making.

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